Hii everyone! Today’s post is all about my birthday experience.

Yesterday ( 15th of june) , was my birthday. Now I am officially 16 . Birthday is all about fun and happiness . I love celebrating my birthday every year. Same , my this birthday was very much fun . I love wearing new outfit for my birthday , going out with my family and friends , playing fun games . So i went out with my friends to celebrate. I celebrate my birthday in guftugu cafe. This is a perfect place to celebrate birthday. It has a good interior to click beautiful pictures at different spots. This cafe is one of my favorite place to hangout.

So, these are some pictures we click on my birthday.

I just love pizzas 😍 and it was yum! Overall the food was delicious. We really enjoyed.

One video in dog filter🤣. Lol , this is her favorite

Overall I really enjoyed my birthday. This was the best birthday of my life 💗. I hope I will celebrate my every birthday with lots of love and happiness.

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