Hey everyone today’s post is all about myself. Also what’s happening in my life. This is a important life update for you all who follows me and loves to read my blogs.

So, let me introduce myself first for those who are new to my blog.

My name is Akshita gupta and I am a student of 11th grade. I started blogging in June 2022 after my boards because I found it interesting and also a kind of new hobby for myself.

When I started blogging everything was going great because I was not going to my school and tuitions ( summer vacations was going on) . I used to get enough time for my posts. But now my school has started from 1 july. And….

Now I am realising how difficult is to maintain social media with your school. I want to write this post on 2 july as I thought to give you a little update about my life. But i was soo busy in my studies and just didn’t write anything. For those Who are following me since day one knows that i at least post ” Daily quotes ” And “Daily reminder ” Just to maintain the consistency. After my school has started I didn’t even get that time to just post these two posts on my account regularly. You can even notice that thing. Anyways , I think you all can understand that 11th class is really important for our future. So, definitely I should focus on my studies more that social media.

But definitely it doesn’t means that i am going to quit blogging. If I started something I don’t wanna quit it until I’ll achieve my goals. So, whenever I’ll get time I’ll post something for you all.

I hope you will understand this situation of mine.

So, that’s it for today I think this is what I wanted to tell all of you.

Also please suggest me some topics I should write. I just can’t think anything creative to write for you.

You can also give me some advice like ” How to manage blogging with studies ” . I really need this right now.

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  1. Maintaining everything while studying can be so difficult. I started blogging when in high school and did it till I graduated university and I can understand how overwhelming it can get keeping up. Don’t worry about not posting as often or taking some time before responding- it’s understandable that you have other stuff going on in your life!

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    1. OMG! You actually started blogging in high school. Then you can totally relate with me. Thanks for understanding all the situation. Thanks for making me understand that posting often is okk…
      Also, can you suggest me like on what topics I should blog? I mean as a teenager I don’t know what should I post that people actually like..

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      1. Yup I definitely understand where you’re coming from and the stress of everything!
        From what I’ve seen on WordPress most topics are popular you just need to make sure your content is great quality. I would also recommend writing about things teenagers face or would find relatable since that’s something you would have a deeper understanding of as one yourself. Think about what interests you and write about that. Posts about school are also popular. Hope that helps.

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  2. I understand how important 11th is.
    But sis, if you really enjoy it never leave it. I asked you that day, and you said you are passionate about it.
    Obviously, even though you are busy but the love for blogging keeps bringing you here.
    Now, it’s not important to post daily. I know time is a major issue for you. You can post weekly. Try to write blog which you can relate with. As you are a teenager, you can write about teenagers and their lives.
    If you go for certain niche then, that would consume your time. As certain topics requires a lot of research.
    Share stuff that you see around you.
    I can give you some topics, you can work poem on them.
    And please, such titles are scary 😅

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    1. Of course you can definitely relate with me bc you have gone through all this..
      Yes, My love for blogging keeps bring me here..
      You are right when I started I thought I should post daily but with the time I’m learning new things that it’s not impt. To post daily so , I have decided two days to post.
      Thanku so much for this advice I really needed this… I’m definitely focusing on this. Bc I can relate this the most.
      Yeh whenever you right about any topic you have to research a lot to provide the right knowledge.
      Yeh please suggest me some topics it will help me a lot.

      I know it sounds like it’s real. 😅

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      1. Write something humourous about your favourite subject.
        You can like something funny about things you see.
        Your school, classmates(if they are not reading).
        You can make fictitious story with some character.
        If you go for story, you can keep it weekly/monthly, according to your schedule.

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      2. Stories that are not based on real life.
        Something based on your imagination.
        You can do it on a regular basis.
        Like create some characters and write a story on them.
        I have a fellow blogger, who write such stories.

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      3. Reblogging is fine
        Because indirectly your stuff is getting promoted. All the likes will be to your blogs.
        Yes, if your friend’s content is being stolen and copied on some others blog. Then, that’s wrong

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      4. Oh, you better ask lifesfinewhine in such case. She knows WP Better than me. She will guide you better.
        Ask your friend to write a blog regarding this and tell inform people about it.


  3. Studies are of paramount importance. I know from my experience that 11th is the turning point. Concentrate on school and studies and use blogging as an important hobby or pastime. That’s my sincere advice.

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    1. You are absolutely right. I understand how important my studies are. You have passed from this phase so you can better understand all the situation. Ofc blogging is just my hobby and now I post twice in a week so , I can concentrate better on my studies.
      Thank you very much for your advice😊. I really appreciate your comment.
      Have a nice day.

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  4. Hi Akshita 🙂
    I ❤ this tip of Pooja's up above:
    "Think about what interests you and write about that"
    I would warn against using the term "social media". I have yet to meet anyone who can give me an adequate definition of the term (other than something like "it's a synonym for Internet" … so a useless duplication of meaningless babble [see also "Occam's Razor" 😉 ] ).
    🙂 Norbert

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