Flash cards are one of the best way to study. It helps you to understand and learn your lessons quicker. Nowadays most of the students use flash cards for better learning. It also helps you to improve your skills , vocabulary , creativity and self confidence of individuals. I also use flash cards for study. It helps me a lot. I hope these tips will help you as well.

1. Make your own flash cards

Lots of people like to share their flash cards , and there are also plenty of flash card apps and programs out there that will let you download pre-made cards and start studying instantly.

I think using pre-made cards can sometimes be useful – such as a case where you have an unreasonably high number of facts to learn and you’re in a time limit. I usually don’t prefer pre – made cards or using borrowing from my friends. You should make them by yourself because it helps you to understand them better like you can highlight something which you find important, you write in your languages which helps you to improve your Vocabulary skills, you can add a little bit of creativity in your work etc. So, better to make it yourself rather than using per – mades.

2. Mix picture and words

Make pictures in your flash cards. This is something you all know that you learn things better when you visually see them and helps you to memorize your lesson for a long time. I love making figures in my notes as well as it helps me a lot to learn all the names easily of a particular diagram and i don’t forget them easily.

Example : If you are making flash cards for biology. You can draw the diagram and write their names as Shown in the picture above.

3. Write only one question per card

Write only one question per card. This is important to do because you have to study those flash cards again and again. If you’ll write so many things in one card it will be difficult for you to understand it later. You can also use different color pens to make them more attractive.


For example : If you are writing ” Word Meanings ”

For the first side you can write the meaning of the word. ( In Any language you write ) .

Then, On the back you include a few more things like,

  • Synonym of the word
  • Antonym of the word
  • A example

4. Say Your Answers Out Loud When Studying

* Flashcards *

Reading loud will help you to concentrate more. Your brain will remove all the unwanted noise in your surrounding and you will be able to memorize easily. I know a lot of people prefer to read in their mind but trust me try this out once you will definitely see the difference. When I used to study I use this method everytime. ( let me know in the comment section what do you prefer? ) Also everyone has different way to study so, if you don’t like this method please don’t come to me. This is just a advice.

4. Don’t Treat Flash Cards Like a Silver Bullet

Remember that flash cards are only one method of reviewing material. There are lots of others that may be more effective, depending on what type of material you’re studying and how far you are into the learning process.

Instead of using flash cards, you might :

  • Write an explanation in your own words
  • Create a quiz
  • Take a practice test written by someone else
  • Work lots of practice problems (your go-to strategy for math)
  • Make mind maps or Venn diagrams

Flash cards are good if you are using them for learning definitions, vocabulary words etc. But if you are studying that fits into a larger visual that it can be bad study tool. So make sure to understand this when you are studying with flash cards.

Better Flashcards Mean Better Studying

I hope these tips will help you make better flash cards in the future, no matter what subject you’re studying.

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  1. This are actually golden tips. I wish I know this before.
    I always refrained fom writing notes
    But flash card actually seems to be an effective way. I was once preparing for GRE/TOEFL. In that we have to learn a lot of new words. My friend had these flash cards. It was very unique idea

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Great!
        When we add fun with studies. It’s easy to remember. Thanks for sharing this.
        I will share it with some people I know. There are a lot of people of your age here on WP. Some are even younger. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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