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16 thoughts on “DAILY REMINDER #17

      1. Oh no please. Do whatever suits you sis.
        I mean, you must be having international readers. What’s morning for us. Could be evening for them. 😝
        You can experiment on different times.
        I have enough Content to read from your side. 🙂

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      2. Yeh but don’t worry I used to have enough time in the morning..
        Yeh this is true time zone is really different for most of the readers..
        Ok I’ll to post at different times and will see which suits me best.
        Yehh i have tooo many blogs 😅

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      3. Yeh sure I would love to check them out and will work on it… You’ll definitely see in my upcoming blogs..
        I’m not that good right now 😅 bc I don’t know so many things about blogging.
        Have a great day ahead.

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