In today’s blog I’ll tell you that how you can actually setup your workspace. I hope it will help you. So let’s start.

It’s really Important to setup your workplace in a better way because you spend so many hours at your desk every day.

Desk And Chair

Make sure that the desk should be big enough to keep your Essentials.

The height of the desk and chair is totally upto you and it should be comfortable to work on it.

Choose the right color of your choice , I personally prefer White for both the desk and chair.

It should be sturdy enough to support the weight of your stuff.

Comfortable chair but not too much.

Lighting And Location

Good lighting is very important because poor or dim light can affect your mood.

For me the best lighting is natural light so , make sure your desk should be near your window. As natural light improve your mood as well as reduce stress. And you can get good light all the day.

If you don’t have any window in your room then you should have LED lights in your room.

Also, Make sure to have switches near your Desk to Plug your devices.

NOTE : The light should not be directly on your computer or laptop because it will be difficult for you to work on it.


Your Desk should not be messy so keep only essentials on it. All the things which is necessary on your desk like:

  1. Notebooks
  2. Stationary ( Including your pens, pencils, Colourful Highlighters etc. )
  3. Study lamp ( It will be helpful when you study at night. )
  4. Notes ( To revise your lessons Daily )
  5. A Dry fruit Container as we all like to munch during study.
  6. Water Bottle to stay hydrated all the Day.

NOTE : You can add up things as per your choice.


  1. Keep a small plant on your Desk.
  2. Inspiring Quotes that keep reminds you about your Goals.
  3. A Desk Clock.
  4. A Candle ( To improve your focus and attention. )

Things to keep in mind

If you are studying so, there should be nothing that distracts you to study. So, Don’t keep these things on your Desk.

  • Your Cell phone. ( As a teenager we keep checking our Phones so avoid it. )
  • Your Computer Or Laptop if you don’t need It.
  • Don’t Over decorate your Study area keep it minimal.
  • Keep your Desk neat and clean. Always wipe it with a cloth after finishing your work.

That is it for today’s blog. Let me know if you also wanna see ” Spotify Playlists for Productive Studying “.

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