Hey Everyone today’s blog is very different from my previous blogs. If you guys are following me from starting then you get to know about how much I love Art / Drawing. But for those who are new to my blog. I suggest to read this this blog before Continue to this What I eat in a day + life Update.

So, here It is I made this before a week ago maybe. I don’t remember clearly. When my school was off lol 🤣 I was on a leave. So, I thought to make my day a little productive and I draw this. I hope you like it.

I know this is not the best one🥺.

Do Rate my drawing in Comment section out of 10 .

That was it for today.

Till then you can read my previous posts.

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76 thoughts on “MY ART WORK #1

    1. Awwww thanku so much Aayushi for your lovely comment. I love that effect tooo. Definitely for sure I’ll post more art work bc I really enjoyed it.
      But maybe you have to wait almost a month as my mid term exams are going to start.

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