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The pros and cons of taking online courses

In today’s era online education is very popular all over the world. There are so many E – learning apps and websites which provides Online education and sell their courses. A lot of students want to purchase online courses but there are a lot of questions comes in their mind so, before making any decision you must read this post to know the pros and cons of online courses.


Accessibility of time and Place

Online learning offers students the accessibility of time and place in education. There is no restriction of time and you don’t need to go anywhere which also saves your time of travelling from your house to your coaching.


Another Advantage of taking an online courses is Affordability. These online courses are very affordable to students and anyone can easily buy their subscriptions at cheap price and you can save a lot of money compare to offline coaching. Additionally they provide study materials and notes with the course * do check before buying might not include on some websites or apps *.

Higher chances to improve

This is one of the best Advantage of online courses i.e you can watch their recorded lectures after the live class and if you don’t understand any topic you can easily watch it again this even helps during exams when you want to revise the chapter again and students can improve more.


Solving Doubts

This is the biggest disadvantage of taking an online courses i.e When you are studying there are so many doubts which come when you solve Questions and this is very important to make sure that your doubts are solving or not. As you know you have to comment to ask your doubts but there are hundreds or thousands of comments running on the screen so, it’s really hard for the teacher to read every comment. So, he/she might skip your comment. If you have someone at your house or school teacher who can solve all your doubts then it might be not a big problem for you.

No socialising

The fact is that you can’t socialise with your classmates and your teachers. It just you and only you in your room which sometimes can be really depressing.

Health hazards

Taking so many online classes on your phone or laptop can be really harmful for your eyes because you keep looking at your screen for so long and can be the reason of weak eyesight.

My Final thoughts

I guess , you guys might be thinking why I write this post? This is very different from my usual posts I was planning to write this post because I purchased an online course and wanted to share my experience as well as what are the pros and cons I faced after the purchase.

Overall the course I have purchased is amazing. Their teachers are very experienced and educated like all of them are IITIANS. They are even teaching us For the higher level which is great if you are neet or jee aspirants. We do have our weekly part tests and modules to practice questions.

* My syllabus is the same as what they are teaching ( NCERT ) * they follow the NCERT syllabus of every subject.

So, another problem I face is The chapter coming in my school exam is different to the chapter going in my Live class and because of that I have to study both of the chapters and you can imagine how hectic this is.

PS : I have joined the Offline Maths tuition because I had a lot of doubts and was not able to solve other books like RS Aggarwal and RD sharma. It’s not like he is not teaching well but maths is actually tough and you need someone who can clear the silliest doubt of yours.

The other two subjects Chemistry and Physics are still doing online because I don’t think I can get a better teacher offline. They both are amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this blog let me know what you think of it? Or have you ever purchased an online course? How was your experience?

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40 thoughts on “The pros and cons of taking online courses

      1. Yaa! True said bro but I think that sometimes they want to make friends or interact with new people, but can’t because they don’t have an experience of talking more with people yet.

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  1. I’ve done several online courses. And hey, what a great post, I was thinking to start something new. Online course gives flexibility, freedom, a terrible backache and eye strain.
    Good luck on this course. More power to you ✨🍫

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Really online course also provides you knowledge about the topic and also saves your travelling time. But, I think, in online classes sometimes we think that we are the only one and whatever we are thats sufficient. So, this is a cons and Yaa! Socially we need to adjust ourselves because in future we have to do it.

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      1. Yaa! You are right but in such case we should focus on improving ourselves, as I said earlier and one pros of this is that we don’t get too much pressurized because of seeing the others.

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  3. Excellent post, dear Akshita. Very well written and you have beautifully covered both the pros and cons of taking online courses. Good luck with your studies, dear. ♥️♥️♥️😊😊😊

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  4. Lovely write-up. I have taken some online courses and they were so useful. I agree math isn’t an easy subject to learn online, because so many questions pop up. I kinda like no socializing, lol, maybe because I’m an introvert.
    Best wishes in your studies 💕

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  5. The biggest disadvantage of online courses is the problem of solving doubts. You can’t get your doubts resolved in real-time like in offline classes. In case of online courses, if you get stuck at something either you have to wait or skip it.

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  6. I also took an online course this year again for my NEET preparation and to be honest I’m facing bith the pros as well as cons. Online classes save all the traveling time and prevents the distraction but at same time also causes loneliness.

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