Hey! Everyone has been so long since I didn’t post my art work I was not able to write or draw anything because again my TERM TESTS are coming and I’m focusing on that of course.

Also I feel like I don’t have any good ideas for my posts. So, please do suggest something to me which I can write as my next post.

That’s it for today! I hope you like it.

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39 thoughts on “ART WORK #2

  1. Great blog and wonderful art. I totally understand you are now just posting new art work. It happens, for I too have came back from not posting in a while. Time has been taken on being my daughter’s learning coach. When the moment is right and your ideas are aligned and you are ready to post, it will always be the right time. Great picture you drew.

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  2. Amazing post Akshita! Too good, your drawing is so awesome.
    By the way A very Happy new year🎉🎊🎇 to you! May you have a wonderful and charming year with full of happy vibes and a lot success.
    All the very best for your exams too👍

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